Acholi ethnic group

Uganda is made up of a diverse range of ethnic groups. An ethnic group is A group of people with common heritage, culture, and language. Did you know that the Acholi ethnic group migrated south to northern Uganda from the area now known as Bahr el Ghazal in South Sudan?

The Acholi language is a Western Nilotic language, classified as Luo.

The Acholi people of Northern Uganda have a rich and diverse cultural heritage. Most of it is expressed in a wide variety of dance and music genre that has been passed down by their fore bearers over many generations.

They have cultural dances that are very richer, richer than those of other cultures. They have many, like the larakaraka ding ding, bola.

They have different dances for different occasions, for example after the harvest, there is a dance to appreciate the harvest that has been praised, they have a dance to dance before the Rwot their king, which is different from other cultures.

Apart from that one, they also have a lot of traditional dishes that other cultures don’t. For example, they have the Malakwang, boo and many more that other cultures do not have because they cannot grow it in their own area.

Unfortunately, culture has not been immune from the ravages of the Northern Uganda conflict. Internal displacement and social degradation have wreaked havoc on Acholi culture and threaten its very survival but even then their dances still stand out.

Acholi ethnic group

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