Activities in Sezibwa falls.

 Activities in Sezibwa falls

Sezibwa falls is a destination in Uganda that gives you the best memorable and cultural experience of a lifetime.

The historical Ssezibwa falls are located in Mukono district along Kampala-Jinja highway a short distance from the main road. Make a stopover on your way to Jinja and supplement your adventure safari by listening to the sweet sounds of the waterfalls. Enjoy the Activities in Sezibwa falls.

The falls have a traditional and cultural myth to the Baganda and Basoga.

They are believed to be the most spiritual and cultural centers where locals people flock to get blessings, good luck and wealth.

Tourist activities and experience

Traditional healers perform ceremonies for good harvest and other successful and beneficial deals in life. Enjoy and experience the wonders of nature by exploring the area. The various activities done are like camping, hiking, biking, rock climbing, guided nature walks, and canoeing.

Learn the history of Baganda and their ways of life like the dances, dressing code, food preparation, and the other cultural lifestyles.


Activities in Sezibwa falls

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