Akagera National Park – Rwanda

Akagera National Park is perhaps Rwanda’s incredible park for some reasons. Unlike the better known two national parks of Volcanoes and Nyungwe, Akagera National Park topography is markedly different. Akagera National Park lies in the northeast of Rwanda, Akagera borders Tanzania. Therefore  Akagera partly shares its savannah landscape, open grassland plus acacia woodland with Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda.

Vegetation in Akagera National Park

As you travel west in the park, however, the savannah plains gradually change the character into rolling hills and plunging valleys associated with Rwanda. Akagera River runs through the park in the east feeding a number of lakes, marshes, and swamps. Although the smallest of the big three national parks, it has a more diverse variety of habitat, wildlife and birds.

The presence of significant water bodies in Akagera National Park has turned boating into one of visitors favorite pursuits. You can arrange to experience Lake Ihema; Rwanda’s second largest lake, on your trip and take in the stunning aquatic and bird life.

What you can Do in Akagera National Park

Unlike most parks worldwide, Akagera National Park offers visitors a unique opportunity to see how management runs the park; if they so wish. Arrange a visit to the park headquarters after talks from the friendly staff.  Following Rwanda’s state policy of promoting gender equality, female guides are recruited; which is different from many game parks on the continent.

If you are in Akagera for the animals, there are here in plenty too. Akagera has more than 8,000 large animals within the perimeter fence erected in 2013. There are elephants to see, buffalos, zebras, hippos, crocodiles, and antelopes.

The many lakes, rivers, and marshes in Akagera attract flocks of bird settlements. They include African fish eagles, marabou stork, crowned cranes, open-billed stork, cormorants, herons, and egrets.

Best of all, it is relatively easy to make it to Akagera National Park. Akagera is a comfortable three-hour ride from the Rwandan capital Kigali. There are also a range of accommodation options if you do decide to visit Akagera that you can choose from.

Akagera maybe a small park, it is full of many delightful attractions that will charm you.