Mount Elgon National Park Uganda

Mount Elgon National Park Uganda located on the border of Uganda and Kenya;  has the world’s largest volcanic-base covering 4,000 square kilometers. Also, it’s not only the largest solitary but also the oldest volcanic mountain in East Africa. In diameter, it covers 80 kilometers and over 3,000 meters high. Its cool height provides a good escape from the plains below which are hot. Whereas the higher altitudes offer habitat to different plant and animal species; Mt. Elgon National Park Uganda provides shelter to more than 300 bird species among which is the endangered Lammergeyer. There are elephants, Small antelopes, buffalos as well as forest monkeys all living on the mountain slopes.

Hiking up this mountain through its deserted moorlands offers a breathtaking uninterrupted view of the wilderness. The highest point on this mountain is the Wagagai peak, standing at 4321 meters.

However, the most adventurous activity is descending into the 40 square kilometer caldera.

The Climate of Mount Elgon National Park Uganda

The area generally experiences a moist and averagely dry climate.  They receive 1270mm of rainfall annually. The dry season is from June to August, and December to March. However, it could rain in the mountains any time during the year.

The wettest season start in April to the end of October. The average rainfall received on the eastern is 1500mm and  2000mm in the western and southern mountain slopes.

The average minimum temperature is 15°C while the maximum is 23°C.

The Vegetation Zones on Mount Elgon National Park Uganda

There are four major vegetation communities. These include montane forest mixed with groundsel plants and giant lobelia that cover up to 2500m of elevation. Between 2400m and 3000m elevation is the low-canopy montane forest and bamboo, then over 3500m elevation is the moorland.


This National Park is home to different species of wildlife. The More commonly observed animals include the blue, black & white colobus, vervet, baboons, De Brazza’s and red-tailed monkeys; plus tree squirrels.


Among the Birds in Uganda limited to Mt. Elgon includes Black-collared Apalis and Jackson’s Francolin. Mt Elgon is among the few places in Uganda where you can see the endangered Lammergeyer.

Areas of Tourist Interest in Mount Elgon National Park Uganda include;

  • Forest Exploration Centre
  • The Caves
  • Jackson’s Pool and Jackson’s Peak
  • The Peaks and the Caldera
  • The Unique Mountain Vegetation
  • Nyero Rock Paintings
  • Nkokenjeru Ridge and Wanale Cliff
  • The Nabuyonga Trail
  • The Sipi Falls

Mount Elgon National Park Uganda

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