Chimps nest-Kibale forest

Chimps nest-Kibale forest is a budget, comfortable accommodation located along the Kibale national park border; with beautiful views of the Rwenzori mountains. Kibale national park is home to some primates such as chimpanzees. And it’s the best place to see habituated chimpanzees in their natural habitat in Uganda. Therefore, the lodge is only 15 minutes from Kanyanchu; the briefing area for those who want to track habituated chimpanzees in the tropical forest of Kibale. The lodge is also near the Bigodi swamp, an excellent place to see a variety of bird species.

Chimps nest-Kibale forest has standard cottages and family cottages. Therefore, standard cottages have a private outside bathroom with cold and hot water. The rooms also have a private balcony to enjoy beautiful views of the forest; as well as hearing birds sing in the wild. The family cottages, on the other hand, has two beds, each with two beds and a large balcony in front.

The main building at Chimps nest has a restaurant that serves both International and local cuisines; as well as a bar that has different wines and spirits.