Common chimpanzees-UgandaCommon chimpanzees-Uganda

Common chimpanzees-Uganda also known as the robust belong to the social, great apes species. They are man’s closest living relative possessing 98.6% DNA. Common chimpanzees are the most intelligent primates who can construct a sleeping nest on a daily basis using tree branches and leaves. These chimpanzees make hunting tools to enable them to get food. Due to their high level of intelligence, chimpanzees can learn symbols and understand human language.

This common Chimpanzees-Uganda communicate with each other using nonverbal communication through vocalization, hand gestures and facial expressions.

The social structure of Common chimpanzees-Uganda

Common Chimpanzees-Uganda lives in groups known as troops; which are led by multi-male and multi-females with an overall head male known as the alpha male. The alpha male is the highest-ranking male who controls the group and maintains order during disputes. Female chimps also have a hierarchy that determines the position of the individual in the group. The young female may inherit from the high ranking mother. These high ranking females usually have first access to food. A group of dominant females can sometimes take over an alpha male who is not their preference, and back up another male who has the potential to lead the troop.

Chimps have great strength in their muscles especially the arms. It is a belief that the chimp’s arms have more muscle strength than that of man. The lifespan of chimpanzees is about 50years.

Common chimpanzees-Uganda are omnivores; who feed on fruits, vegetable, insects, honey and also supplement their diet with meat from other young primates.

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