Heritage safari lodge Murchison.

Heritage safari lodge Murchison lies in the eastern banks of the River Nile in Pakwach District; near Wang lei cultural site.  At Wang lei cultural site is where the forefathers of the Luo – Gipir, and Labongo separated due to the misunderstanding originating from the African elephant.  The Heritage safari lodge lies in the north-south corridor; which is also the elephant’s migration route along the River Nile in Murchison falls national park.  The African elephants still visit the lodge now and then.

The Acholi culture at Heritage Safari lodge in Murchison.

Heritage safari lodge Murchison is also designed like traditional Luo homestead and revolves around legends of the old and Uganda’s history. The architecture is traditional huts thatched in steps with perimeter poles holding the roof. When you spend a night at the Heritage safari lodge; you will also understand the Acholi history with colonialists and explorers like Sir Samuel Baker.  Look out for the Baker’s trail that stretches from Gondokoro in Juba- South Sudan; through Fort Patiko near Gulu to the top of the Murchison Falls. The hospitality at the lodge is also very exceptional; on arrival at the lodge, the waiters serve you a glass of tamarind juice. Tamarind juice was Sir Samuel Bakers favorite drink.

Heritage safari lodge Murchison serves traditional meals as dancers entertain guests. Traditional granaries store raw food. In conclusion, therefore, Heritage safari lodge Murchison is a place where everything depends on Acholi culture and heritage. During the wildlife safari to Murchison falls then opt to stay at Heritage safari lodge Murchison.