Mountain rwenzori

Rewards of Mountain Rwenzori


Mount Rwenzori is located in Western Uganda in the East African Rift Valley. It straddles to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The mountain is the third highest in Africa rising up to more than 16,700 feet above sea level with its highest peaks rising above the clouds that are permanently snow-capped.

The mountain consist of the 6 ranges separated by the gorges that include; Mount Stanley, Mount Speke, Mount Baker, Mount Emin, Mount Gessis and Mount Savoia.

The Mountain ranges are higher compared to the Alps and have glaciers which are one of the sources of the longest river on earth “The River Nile”. Margherita is the highest peak making it the third highest peak in Africa.

The mountain as well is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and covers almost 1000 sq. km and strides across the districts of Kabarole, Kasese, and Bundibugyo.

Unique features.

The area is known for its beautiful plant life coupled with Kabamba waterfalls, glaciers and a lot of other unique mountainous vegetation. There are huge tree-heather, colorful mosses, giant lobelia, everlasting flower,  70 mammals, 217 birds, and some primates. Its a home to the unique three-horned chameleon.


Hiking, game viewing,  and nature walk. The destination can be hiked up to the summit of Margherita by going through Bwamba passing in Bundibugyo for a maximum number of 9-12 days.

Rewards of Mountain Rwenzori