Safari packing Checklist

Take time to read our Safari packing Checklist to pack appropriately for your Africa Tours and safari with Twende Expeditions.

  • Valid travel documents like passports, air ticket, credit cards, travel insurance, passport photos, visas or money for visas.
  • Buy your travel insurance from your country.
  • Before traveling take a Yellow fever, typhoid and hepatitis A and B vaccination.


  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Soap (bar or gel soap), conditioner and shampoo with less fragrance
  • Body Lotion
  • Facial tissue
  • Comb and a small mirror
  • Toilet Papers
  • Ant – bacteria gel, hand- wipes, and Kleenex
  • Small towel

First Aid Kit

  • Antiseptic hand washes.
  • Pack your medical kit including pain reliefs, (e.g. aspirin or panadol-prescribed by your physician) antihistamine for allergy relief, antiseptic, lip balm and sanitary items.
  • High SPF sunscreen (Uganda is on the equator!).
  • Insect repellent and misquote repellents.
  • Crème for itches and rashes (i.e. Benadryl itch relief stick)
  • Bandage, gauze, and tapes
  • Malaria pills, Stomachache medicines, diarrhea and medicine
  • Antibiotics
  • Multivitamins


  • Flashlight/torch.
  • Spare or rechargeable batteries (these are difficult to find once you are in the Parks).
  • Waterproof bags to protect your equipment’s like Cameras and Camcorders.
  • Electric plug adapters for 240 volts AC 50 Hz. UK-style square-pin plugs.
  • Camera, extra batteries and charger, memory cards, mini-tripod
  • Flashlight and headlight
  • Personal music device
  • GPS


  • Maps, guidebooks
  • Binoculars
  • Money
  •  contact lenses, Sunglasses,
  • Candies, and snacks
  • Playing cards, games and reading material
  • Travel pillow
  • An International Driving License if you may probably be thinking of hiring a vehicle
  • Sweater for the evening and early morning, for mountainous regions, including thermal layers and a fleece.
  • Uganda is a conservative country. Therefore we urge visitors to dress respectfully. Avoid short skirts and short shorts.
  • Waterproof jacket or rain poncho.
  • Night pajamas
  • Sun hat and scarf for the dust.
  • An updated trip itinerary and contact information of the tour operator.
  • Pack waterproof comfortable safari shoes, socks, and sandals for wearing in the evenings.
  • Loose fitting short/long sleeved shirts that are dull colored. Bright colored clothes could easily catch dust, especially in the dry season.