1 Day Jinja Adventure tour – Nile River safari

1 Day Jinja Adventure tourThis 1 Day Jinja Adventure tour takes you to Eastern Uganda. Early morning you will set off from Kampala to Jinja town located on the eastern shores of the River Nile. Towards Jinja town, you will be stunned by the breathtaking sight of the Nile the longest river in the world. Its source is in Jinja where it starts its long 6670-kilometer journey that ends in the  Mediterranean Sea.

You will cross river Nile at the Owens Falls Dam and arrive in Jinja a laid-back town as compared to the capital Kampala.

While in Jinja, Twende Expeditions Ltd, will offer you an opportunity to visit various places including; the source of the Nile, craft shops, nice restaurants, and local markets. You will as well as meet the local hospitable people living in this town.

We offer day trips for individual travelers, families, groups as well as team building for organizations.

What to do in Jinja Town: 1 Day Jinja Adventure tour

1 Day Jinja Adventure tour
source of the Nile

1. Visit Source of the Nile; The source of the long Nile discovered by an explorer John Speke.
2. Visit Coronation Park; It has displays of cultural items and nice craft shops. Not far away you will also have an opportunity to see the shrine of Mahatma Gandhi.

3. Boat cruise on the Nile; Enjoy a sunset boat cruise at the end of a busy day. There is also an array of bird species to see like comrades, fish eagles and weaver birds for birders.

1 Day Jinja Adventure tour

4. White-Water Rafting; Enjoy the finest Grade Five rapids that offer one of the best rafting experiences you will ever have in the world.  You will also glide past sections of verdant vegetation with calm waters where you will enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.

En-route Attractions: 1 Day Jinja Adventure Package

Mabira Forest: You will make a stopover in Mabira Forest and there you will see various primates, butterflies as well as birds.

Ssezibwa Falls: These are a Buganda Cultural Heritage site.

1 Day Jinja Adventure tour

Jinja also offers a great variety of different dishes ranging from traditional Ugandan, Indian, European, Chinese and Middle Eastern good food.

Safaris at Bujagali.

They are another exciting way of exploring the river’s banks as well as; visiting the adjacent traditional villages and enjoying the breathtaking views of the pristine rolling hills.

  • Quadbike Safaris: A  great way to explore the amazing terrain around the river Nile; as you ride along the off beaten tracks. These, fortunately, don’t need prior experience as they offer a practice session to all clients. With the All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) – Honda and Yamaha they welcome all age groups.

    1 Day Jinja Adventure tour
  • Kayaking & Canoeing: Then enjoy Kayaking or a canoe ride in the locally made canoes on the renowned Nile.
  • Cycling/ biking

    1 Day Jinja Adventure tour
    cycling/ biking
  • Horseback Safaris: They go for 1, 2, or 3 hours in the morning and at 2 pm in the afternoon every day. Therefore, for safety reasons, there is a weight limit for clients of 90Kg.
  • 1 Day Jinja Adventure tour
    horseback riding

End of 1 Day Jinja Adventure tour.

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