Ugandan defassa waterbuck

The Ugandan defassa waterbuck is the largest antelope species living in sub-Sahara Africa. Its scientific name is Kobus ellipsiprymnus. In Uganda, the defassa water bucks live in grassland and savanna areas along the rivers and lakes. They live in Murchison falls national park and Queen Elizabeth national park. The coat of the defassa waterbuck is brown to gray with sparse hair. It also has long and shaggy hair on the neck. Also, have a white muzzle on the face and light eyebrows. Long neck, short and black legs. Only the male Ugandan defassa waterbuck has a pair of long spiral horns that curve back and then forward. Therefore, males are darker as well as heavier than females. Males weigh between 198 to 262 kg while females weigh between 161 to 241 kg.

Ugandan defassa waterbuck

Behaviors of the Ugandan defassa waterbuck

Ugandan defassa waterbuck is also a social antelope that lives in herds of about 6 to 30 individual of either female and their offsprings or bachelor herds. Females have home ranges that male bachelors usually roam in. Males begin showing their territorial behaviors from the age of 5 years, but they are most dominant from ages 6 to 9 years. Breeding takes place throughout the year. However, births are at the peak in the rainy season. The Waterbucks gestation period is 7 to 8 months giving birth to a single calf. Weaning the calf is between 5 to 8 months as the males join the bachelor’s herd while the females remain with the mother’s group.

Ugandan defassa waterbuck often enters the water to escape from predators like lions, leopards, and Nile Crocodiles. Another defense mechanism the defassa waterbuck uses is to emit a smelly, oily,  secretion to scare their predators. Their lifespan is 18 years in the wild and also 30 years in captivity.

Ugandan defassa waterbuck is a grazers that feeds on grass and also leaves in the morning and night. However, they rest during the heat of the day. While on a wildlife safari in Uganda look out for these beautiful creatures during a game drive; in Murchison falls as well as Queen Elizabeth.