Unique Tree climbing lions.

Unique Tree climbing lions
Unique tree climbing lions

These unique tree-climbing lions are the most interesting lion species to see in Queen Elizabeth national park. The tree climbing lion species live in Ishasha area in Queen Elizabeth in Uganda. The lions are seen lazily lying high up in branches of large branches of sycamore fig trees; in perfect view of the Uganda Kobs feeding in the plains. Ishasha area is the best place to see tree-climbing lions. Ishasha has three prides of lions with an estimate of about 40 lions.


In Lake Manyara national park in Tanzania, the lions here can be seen relaxing in acacia trees. The difference between the tree climbing lions of Imanyara and the Ishasha is that the fig trees of IShasha are short and so the lions can be easily seen in the early afternoon, during a game drive.

The tree climbing lions of Ishasha feed on Topis and Uganda Kobs. Sometimes if they are so confident they will feed on Cape Buffaloes as they graze on the studded savanna. The other unique feature about the tree climbing lions of Ishasha is that; the mane of the male lion is black.

There is no reason as to explain why these lions climb trees. There is speculation that either these unique lions climb trees to protect themselves from tsetse fly bites, or climb trees to enjoy the cool breeze during the heat of the day.

For those heading to for a gorilla safari in Bwindi, can have an extra game drive in the Ishasha area while on the way to Bwindi. During this game, drive look up in the sycamore fig tree in search for the unique tree-climbing lions; which are often seen lying on the fig branches. The other wildlife species to see while in Ishasha include; elephants, antelopes, as well as herds of buffaloes grazing in the savanna plains.